Eyelid surgery

By the means of eyelid surgery, we remove excess skin, lift the eyelids and soften wrinkles, bringing instant luminosity to the eyes.

Eyelid or oculoplastic surgery deals with alterations around the eyes, in eyelids, eyebrows, etc., both in a functional and aesthetic level.

Oculoplasty deals with:

  • bags in the lower eyelids
  • crow’s feet
  • dark circles
  • upper eyelid surgery
  • signs of stress, fatigue and age.

Eyelid discipline is also responsible for treating anomalies such as tear ducts and dry eyes.

As an alternative to surgery, there are also other treatments such as botulinum toxin (better known as Botox) or hyaluronic acids, etc.

In Clínica Oftalmológica Castro we take two fundamental factors to account: the visual and the aesthetic aspect.