ICL Intraocular Lenses

The ICL lens is an artificial intraocular lens made of collamene, a material that is biocompatible with our eye.

In the case that an intraocular lens is considered to be implanted to help obtain the best vision, the clinic suggests Phakic lenses:

This intraocular technique consists of the implantation of a lens inside the eye through a microincision, without the need to remove the crystalline lens.

The intraocular lens is placed in the posterior chamber of the eye and once it is deployed inside the eye – introduced through a small incision – it is placed between the iris and the crystalline lens. As the lens is implanted inside the eye, the procedure is performed in a sterile surgery room with topical anaesthesia (i.e. drops) on an outpatient basis and lasts approximately 15 minutes. Each eye is operated individually with an interval of one week.

The Phakic lens is designed avoid any eye structure damage and is considered a long-lasting solution for myopia correction as it offers excellent quality of vision.

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