Seeing well does not mean processing information correclty at a cognitive level, at Clínica Oftalmológica Castro we are pioneers in Visual Rehabilitation to treat learning problems, with optometrists specialising in this area.

In a patient with learning disabilities, different areas related with learning abilities are studied, such as:

  • Visual Processing; focus, convergence, eye movements, laterality, 3D vision etc…
  • Perceptual processing; tests that evaluate all areas of perception related to learning.
  • Auditory processing.
  • Functional fields.
  • Postural Study (if required).
  • Primitive Reflexes (if required).
  • Dilation: to see the patient’s graduation and decide whether to prescribe glasses or not.
  • Anterior and posterior ocular segment (fundus): this area is studied by a paediatric ophthalmologist.

Once all these areas have been evaluated, optometrists and ophthalmologists study them together and a report is issued a few days later.

Optometrists and ophthalmologists work together to offer a more comprehensive service for children's learning.