ReLEx Smile

ReLEx smile technology, already implemented at Clínica Oftalmológica Castro in Valencia, has proven to be the most effective, safest and least invasive, requiring hardly any recovery time post-surgery.

ReLEx smile is a high-precision femtosecond laser refractive surgery technique that creates a small lens inside the intact cornea, the volume and shape of which is determined by the visual defect to be corrected.

This lenticule is removed from inside the cornea with a minimally invasive procedure, through a micro-incision of just 2 millimetres, which allows rapid visual recovery. No corneal lamina needs to be removed or cut – which is why it is called a “flap-free” technique – as the outermost corneal layers remain intact.

All this thanks to a surgical technique that responds to Dr. Alberto de Castro’s concern to ensure a very precise and safe treatment for everyone, which has been developed by ZEISS.

Features of this surgical technique:

  • No stainless steel blade is used.
  • The lenticule is prepared on the intact cornea.
  • Minimally invasive access measuring around two millimetres (80% less than in Femto-LASIK LASIK).
  • Both the outermost protective layer of the epithelium and the layer that gives stability to the cornea (Bowman’s membrane) are almost fully preserved. It is considered the safest technique and is especially recommended for people who practice high-risk sports.
  • The corneal nerves, responsible for tear production, remain almost fully intacts.
  • There is hardly any pain during and after the procedure.
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The ReLEx smile technology, already implanted in the Clínica Oftalmológica Castro in Valencia, has proven to be the most effective, safe and least invasive, with hardly any postoperative recovery time.

The entire procedure is performed with the Femtosecond laser (all femto):

  • Use of high-precision Femtosecond laser technology.
  • Impressive predictability of results, even in cases of high myopia up to 10 D.
  • Anatomical design of the contact lens prevents corneal compression.
  • The patient does not loose vision during the treatment.
  • Noiseless and painless treatment.
  • Stability of visual acuity occurs within the first two weeks.

One-step treatment:

  • The entire laser correction is performed in one single step.
  • No need to move the patient in the middle of the procedure.
  • Very fast procedure.